You can choose to place your order individually or in batch.

  • 1.Place Individual Order
    You can add more products by clicking the “+”button
    Please put your customer’s address instead of yours
  • 2.Upload orders in batch (only available for drop ship account)
    First of all, you will need to download the order file sample. Your order file must be in the format of the sample file to be processed.
You are encouraged to put in the correct pricing as well to keep your pricing up to date. If the pricing in the file is different from our current pricing, after you submit the order, our system will show error in your order but you are still allowed to process your orders and make payment.
Our system will also automatically detect if your order is duplicated based on your order numbers; if the SKU is valid; if the stock is sufficient; or if the shipping address is correct (postcode and suburb). If your order contains one of the above errors, a message will pop up.

Order File Sample:
  • Serial number is your own order number.
  • If an order contains multiple items, use the same serial numbers for all items. (See row 4 & 5)
    Irrespective of which method you use, after you have submitted your order, you will proceed to the payment page. We will send you an order confirmation email after payment is received. Once your order is dispatched from our distribution centre, you will receive a shipment email with the tracking details.
The order will be shipped to the address you fill when you place your orders on Dropshipzone, not the one on your Paypal.

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