In the ‘Zone: Building Brands and Making Connections

Supplier V192 is an Australian owned furniture company providing customers and retailers alike with high-quality interiors at affordable prices.

Founded in Sydney in 2020, Tony had a dream to build a furniture brand that Australians remember. 

Supplier V192 found their start selling on some of the biggest online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Tony says his goal was to give Aussies a way to style the heart of their homes at a reasonable price. 

Supplier V192 specialises in furniture such as sideboards and coffee tables.

Building a house of brands in ecommerce, Supplier V192 is taking a multi-channel approach, depending on the product offering. For example, they sell high-end children’s furniture for commercial use to schools and childcare and sell furniture and homewares direct to retailers. In Supplier V192’s eyes, no stone should be left unturned.

Tony wants to build his house of brands into ones that people remember. Tony believes having a strong brand identity is the key to selling high-quality products. 

“Any company without a brand can only ever sell cheap products,” says Tony. “You can’t make any profit, and any other business can copy you.”

And how are Tony and his team creating that identity? They’re in the pre-planning process, setting the foundations for memorable brands that stand out by telling the stories of real people.

The Challenge

Supplier V192 founded their company during the beginning of COVID, the pandemic that would ultimately lead to the downfall of many businesses. After finding their footing using the leverage of popular online marketplaces, Tony wanted more. 

The key pain point of ecommerce for Supplier V192 was the lack of sufficient sales channels. They found that they couldn’t drive more profits because they weren’t reaching a wide enough audience.

The repercussions of the pandemic were felt around the world, with businesses feeling the brunt of the impact. Tony identifies supply chain breakdowns as his biggest challenge to date. Now, three years out, Supplier V192 is still feeling the impact. With interest rates at an all-time high and the cost of living increasing, Tony can feel how the change in consumer habits is affecting his business. 

“Everything has changed,” says Tony. “It can be challenging when you can’t make a step-by-step plan. The only thing we can do is try our best for today.’

The Solution

With Dropshipzone, Supplier V192 acquired 41 new retailers to resell their products in the first month of joining. That number is only continuing to grow. They’ve been able to achieve more brand exposure and reach a diverse network of potential retailers, something that would have taken years to accomplish.

“Dropshipzone is great because we’ve connected to more retailers in such a short amount of time,” says Tony. “When I heard about Dropshipzone’s business model, I thought it the perfect fit for my business. We’ve increased our customer base and have sales opportunities we didn’t have before signing up.”

Supplier V192 has seen a 368 per cent increase in sales since joining Dropshipzone in May 2022. It’s a testament not only to the quality of Supplier V192’s products but the ability of Dropshipzone to instantly connect Suppliers with potential Retailers.

Supplier V192 has seen a 368% increase in sales since joining Dropshipzone.

Getting in the ‘Zone

According to Tony, the biggest benefit of joining Dropshipzone has been the exposure to more retailers. With minimal effort, Tony and his team have been able to instantly promote their products to the thousands of Retailers signed up with Dropshipzone, scaling their business like never before.

“I heard about the company years ago, and now that I’ve joined, it’s the only dropshipping provider I use,” says Tony. 

With the support of Dropshipzone, Supplier V192 is selling more of their products, more often. They’ve also reduced their costs for customer acquisition by uploading products to Dropshipzone instead of spreading their marketing dollars across channels. 

By fully utilising the Dropshipzone Promotion Service to reach more Retailers, Tony achieved an outstanding 192 per cent increase in sales from January to February, a period that is typically known as ‘off-peak’ following the Christmas period. 

“Our Dropshipzone Account Manager always contacts me to let me know what promotions are on and what we can do to improve our sales. Joining a promotion is easy, with a simple set up process. The discounts have helped to attract more people and set us apart from competitors.”

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