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  1. 1. How do I register as new customer?

    Thanks for your interest and support to Dropshipzone. You can find “Sign Up” in the top right corner. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter as well to stay tuned for our specials.

  2. 2. Is Australian Business Number (ABN) required for registration?

    ABN is required for account registration.

  3. 3. Can I register without a company name?

    Company name is compulsory for account registration.

  4. 4. Is my website required for registration?

    You have to provide your website for your account registration.

  5. 5. How do I login to my account?

    Click My Account in the top right corner and fill in your email address and password.

  6. 6. What should I do if I forget my password?

    To retrieve password, click Forgot Your Password and enter your email address. A new link will be sent to your email to reset your password.

  7. 7. How do I change my personal details?

    Login to your account and choose Account Information or Address Book for information you want to change.

  8. 8. How do I subscribe to newsletter?

    Login to your account and choose Newsletter Subscription from the right button of the page. Tick if you want to subscribe.

  9. 9. How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

    Login to your account and choose Newsletter Subscription from the left and untick the box. Alternatively, there is an unsubscribe link in the newsletter email you receive from us.

  10. 10. Is my company logo required to download images?

    Company logo is an optional feature. We provide the service to add watermark to the product images using your logo.

  1. 1. What payment method do you accept?

    We accept paypal and credit cards at this stage. When you are directed to Paypal website, you can choose to pay by logging in to your paypal account or pay by credit card.

  2. 2. What credit cards do you accept?

    We accept VISA and Mastercard.

  3. 3. How long does it take to confirm payment?

    Dropshipzone will only dispatch items when full payment is received. Payment generally takes 2-3 days to process. In some exceptional cases, it could take up to 5 days or more.

  4. 4. Is Lay-by available?

    Unfortunately, Lay-by is not available at this stage.

  5. 5. Can I come to your warehouse to pay and pick up the item?

    Unfortunately, all payment has to be made when you proceed to checkout in our website; and pick up is not available in order to save time for our distribution centre to dispatch all orders efficiently.

  6. 6. Is the product cost inclusive of GST?

    Yes. All product costs have included GST.

  1. 1. Do you ship to international address?

    Currently we only ship within Australia.

  2. 2. How are the items delivered?

    The item is shipped via Australia Post, Fastway, Toll or Allied Express, according to the size and weight of the item. A tracking number will also be updated to you after dispatch.

  3. 3. Can I use my own delivery service?

    We only use our nominated carrier for delivery.

  4. 4. How can I cancel my order?

    Please note that we can only cancel your order if the item has not been dispatched from our warehouse. As we operate a fast and automated dispatching system, but need time to respond to your message, we can only do our best to help.

  5. 5. How long does it takes to ship to my customers?

    The estimated delivery time frames are:

    • For customers in VIC, approximately 3 - 5 working days;
    • For customers in NSW, SA, ACT, approximately 4 - 8 working days;
    • For customers in QLD, NT,WA and TAS, approximately 7 - 10 working days.
    • Delivery time only starts after buyers’ payments have been cleared and the item has been dispatched from our warehouse (usually 1 working day after receipt of cleared payment).
    • We are unable to guarantee a delivery on any specific dates or times as this is not something our delivery partners would be able to guarantee either.
  6. 6.When will the item be dispatched?

    Most items will be dispatched the very next business day after full payment is received.

  7. 7.Where can I find the delivery information?

    Tracking information will be emailed to you. Alternatively, you can also view it in the Shipped tab in the Order List page.

  8. 8.What is printed on the carton and can I print my logo on it?

    Our company logo is printed on the carton but no contacts are printed or inserted in the carton. Unfortunately we do not provide customised carton at this stage so we are unable to print your logo on the carton.

  1. 1.Do you offer warranty?
    • All products except electronics products come with a 12 month warranty which you may seek a refund or replacement for the product. Electronics products come with a 3 month warranty. The following terms and conditions apply to warranty:
      • Damages due to misuse by user or during delivery will not be covered by this warranty
      • This warranty does not cover any accessories or bonus gifts. Regarding to accessory and bonus gift,they would be noted in our listing would, include (but limited to ) battery, carry bag, etc.
    • Damage on Arrival (DOA)

      This warranty only applies to items that are broken when arrived or appear to be not functioning on initial usage. The following terms and conditions apply to DOA warranty:

      • You or your buyers must check their item(s) and report the damages or faults(pictures or videos) to us by email after receiving the item(s). We reserve the right to refuse any claims made after this timeframe or additional charges (postage and handling) may apply.
      • Please do not return the faulty item to us without our approval.
  2. 2.What should I do if there is a part missing?

    Please confirm with the customer that he/she has checked the packaging very thoroughly as the small components might become loose during the shipping. If there is a part missing, please contact us immediately so that we can offer our assistance.

  3. 3.Refund and replacement

    Refund and replacement generally take up to 2 working days to process, and will notify you right after it has been processed.

    • A refund or replacement will not be provided if products are being misused, mishandled or mistakenly installed. Customers are responsible for following the instructions and advice given by the manufacturers.
  1. 1.Can I set my own selling price?

    You can set your own selling price.

  2. 2.Where can I find the inventory of each product?

    You are able to check the stock level under the QOH column in the detailed product information CSV file, which can be downloaded from the Download Centre on the website. You will also receive the updated inventory via email on a daily basis.

  3. 3.Does Dropshipzone provide website setup services?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide website setup services.

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