Does a wide range beat a limited selection?

Expanding your product range? Decisions on range are some of the most critical you can make in ecommerce. Cater to a broad customer base and offer a wide range of options, or focus on a carefully curated selection to meet specific customer needs? 

This special report by Dropshipzone explores the nature and extent of shoppers’ interest in range curation to help retailers and suppliers make decisions about product range.  

Produced in collaboration with Inside Retail, ‘Does a wide range beat a limited selection?’ includes data drawn from a survey of a representative sample of 750 Australian online shoppers conducted in March 2023.  


What’s inside: 

  • 88% of Australian shoppers have bought from an online marketplace in the last 12 months, and 92% intend to in the next. 

  • In the health and beauty category, 55% of consumers prefer to shop from a wide product range. 

  • 92% of online shoppers start their search for a particular item on search engines. 

  • More than 1 in 3 online shoppers (37%) want someone else to curate product ranges for them.


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